Sales and Distribution

Manage complete Sales and Distribution Operation with capabilities to
handle the end-to-end Supply Chain Process integrated to Inventory
and Financial. Efficiently Manage your Inventories, Warehouses and
other Resources through Applications that manage Purchasing, Order
Processing, Storage, Pricing and Invoicing Processes.

* Extensive Lead Information Management with multiple search sort
* Lead and activity history for better decision making
* Quotation and Opportunity management
* Real-time stock status and reservation
* Customer, customer group level pricing
* Automatic Tax calculation for error free invoicing
* Automatic connection to financial
* Web based application to enable monitoring from anywhere
* Simple intuitive user screen to minimize user training requirement
* User access based on role
* Concurrent Multiple user
* Dashboard and alerts for better management

PEOBRiCS Offer Sales and Distribution Solution for:


Multiple Product, Perishable Product Distributors


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